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by samantha on December 6, 2010

Since the library in our neighborhood is being renovated we haven’t been to a library in quite a while. Last week we finally got over to a branch in Williamsburg and enjoyed looking through dozens of new books. One of the books Fritz picked out was from the I Spy series. When we read/played it later that night I have to say it was a fun change from the usual story book fare. Now I’m sort of into the whole concept of finding hidden pictures. Here are a few games I’ve come across to play with the kids or by yourself or with drunk strangers…


Last night Fritz was begging to play with the iPad. It dawned on me that there must be tons of I Spy-like games for the device. We found this game called Time Geeks. The game is created in lo-fi pixel graphics and presents you with a scene and a roster ┬áitems to look for. Each level you win, you then travel in time to the next level. The screens vary from cities to amazon jungles. Fritz loved the make your own island feature. At the end of the first level you pick your own island and add items. Each level you pass the more items you unlock for your island. I’m assuming that eventually you play your own island? We shall see…


I Spy is a Scholastic franchise with everything from board games to tv shows. The book Fritz picked up at the library was our first encounter with I Spy. The book we chose was filled with cluttered pages and text at the bottom which always begins “I Spy a….”. I love scouring the pages and seeing Fritz’s excitement when he finds an item. And if you’ve already found all the items within the text it’s easy enough to add ideas and pick alternate items for your kid to find. I’m so into the book I’d be willing to explore something like a board game.

Little Shop Of Treasures

I first learned about Little Shop Of Treasures doing shots at a bar over Thanksgiving. Since frequenting bars is hardly part of my routine anymore you can imaging my excitement when I spied a Mega Touch Machine!! I fed it a fiver and started with an old favorite Sexy Photo Hunt. When a friend of a friend and a regular at the bar came over to help she showed me the insanely addictive game Little Shop of Treasures. If you’ve ever played you know exactly what I mean. My Mission for that night was to beat Hoppy Jenz, who held the 1-7 high scores. Apparently she was the bartender. We never beat her.


And who could forget our good ol’ friend Where’s Waldo. But tell me this have they updated Waldo to find other cool stuff in the sea of red and white striped distraction? Just looking for that little bugger will make your eyes go crazy! Actually come to think about it…this may very well be the perfect activity to keep Fritz busy for some length of time. Anyone ever tried it with a little one?

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AK December 6, 2010 at 10:02 pm

WHERE’S WALDO was my jam back in the day. plus, at the end of the book, there’s a long list of other things you can find besides waldo

Nessienessa December 7, 2010 at 9:32 pm

Dammit Sam, quit making me want an iPad!

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