A Rainbow Grows in Brooklyn

by samantha on July 14, 2011


Yesterday I ventured out in to the evening with the kids for an outdoor movie. McCarren Park has a great line up of movies for the summer and last night there was to be a screening of Wayne’s World. BD had a fishing tournament he partakes in every Wednesday night for the summer, so I was going it alone and planned to meet friends at the movie. Now, you have to understand, even though I live 10 minutes driving from what I call civilization (Williamsburg), I hardly ever venture out with the kids after dinnertime. Taking the kids to dinner is a nightmare, so for the time being we’re generally home by dinner and stay put. But an outdoor movie seemed totally doable being that it was in a park and the kids could walk about, we’d have a picnic and could up and leave if things got hectic. Everyone, including myself, was in high spirits so we packed up dinner, grabbed Fritz’s Thomas comforter and we were off.

When we arrived at the movies the scene was super fun. Big hipsters, little hipsters and baby hipsters were all out in full force. There were several food and beverage stands set up around the perimeter and music was playing. Our excitement grew as we set up our blanket and picnic. Fritz and Lola both dance as I assembled some sandwiches. The movie was to begin at dusk so we had a little time to soak it up and enjoy some light socializing. As Fritz ran up to grab a few glow in the dark necklaces they were handing out I noticed a ominous dark sky headed our way. Maybe just a few passing clouds ? I thought.  Within a matter of seconds a few drop tapped my leg. Before I could say Uh-Oh a tremendous gust of wind came out of nowhere, a bolt of lightning went off in the distance and a fierce downpour commenced.

There I am with 2 kids, we all had our shoes off, the stroller is folded and crap is blowing everywhere. The rain starts to hit us like a spray of bullets. Chaos ensues. People are running and giant equipment and food tents are toppling down. The kids are both being screaming and I’m going into panic mode. This is not just a shower—it’s a full-blown storm. I have screaming Lola in one arm, so she isn’t swept up incase this is another freak tornado like the one we had last year, and I’m trying to manage getting a soaking wet comforter, all our stuff, the stroller and a very frightened Fritz to the car. Needless to say, the evening really took a turn for the worst.

I ran swiftly through the streets—barefoot— with both kids in tow. In an effort to get the kids to safely as quickly as possible we ran over several pairs of Vans and sideswiped a few track bikes along the way. In the car we were all soaked to the bone and I diligently worked on restoring the status quo. Fritz was a bit shaken up and Lola was just plain pissed. Soon enough the sky began to clear. I was determined to not let this pesky storm stop us from seeing the movie, as were the rest of the few hundred other folks that came out and were milling about Bedford Avenue like wet puppies. When I emerged from the car to see if people were heading back to the movie I saw one of the most spectacular sites I’ve ever laid my eyes on—a full arched rainbow. We marveled at it’s beauty and snapped a few photos before it disappeared into the clearing sky.


The movie never did play but it was quite the night. We had a fun story to tell and got to see one of natures most magical offerings. Honestly, we could see Wayne’s world any time.


We had gotten a message from BD a few minutes before the storm began with the above photo attachment. And a few minutes after our rainbow experience we got this attachment…


Next week they’re playing Ghost World. Maybe we’ll see a Unicorn!

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kri July 15, 2011 at 5:07 am


Sarah July 19, 2011 at 4:46 pm

I really want to do the whole outdoor NYC movie thing this year. I let the whole summer go by last year without ever quite making it to one. It doesn’t looks super crowded in your photo… what’s the crowd like?

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