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by samantha on January 29, 2012

And now for The Hipster Mom’s final new feature…drumroll please….wait for it…I’m opening up the site to sponsorship! Whoopie! Wooo-hooo! So for all the folks who’ve inquired about space on the site, it is now available. For one month only THM is offering an introductory rate of  $25 per 175×175 space that will run in the left-hand column during the month of February. Come on, that’s like the price of a pair of tights at Urban Outfitters, or a just a sort okay sweater from H&M. The ad is wayyyyy more worth it.  Get it while it’s hot and grow with me! The Hipster Mom is back and better than ever so don’t miss this kick-ass deal. Email me toot-suite for further details: samantha@thehipstermom.com!

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