Family T-Shirt Game!

by samantha on May 22, 2012

Via Twitter and Instagram I’m always getting comments on the gangs t-shirts. I must admit this family does have pretty fierce t-shirt game. The t-shirt is irreverent, never goes out of style and is one of the most comfortable articles of clothing I can think of next to leggings. So I thought I’d design a post with a selection of tee’s that I styled for the entire family!

For Daddy: BD has always killed it with his graphic tee’s. I think if you simply looked through his t-shirt drawer you would get a clear story about his personality. His absolute favorite t-shirt brand is Only NY. And recently he came home wearing this awesome Surf Caster t-shirt, which if you knew him, this shirt was clearly made for him, mixing his love for fishing with great design.

For Mommy: I don’t own any of these…yet. I absolutely love the idea of making a literary statement via my tits. Out Of Print features classic novel covers like The Great Gatsby, Slaughter House Five, 1984 and The Bell Jar on t-shirts and tote bags.

For Lola: Let me introduce quite possibly the most comfortable garment ever—the t-shirt dress. This Unicorn dress by Missie Munster available at Babesta is an effortless look for summer that screams “I’m magical…let’s play!”

For Fritz: Fritz probably has the best t-shirt game of the whole brood. From Wu Tang to Scooby Doo, Fritz keeps it really real. I love the whimsy watercolor graphic on this tee by Winter Water Factory available at Sweet William and this Munster Monster tee from Babesta is a playful look at the dark side. New Summer gear—yes please!

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Cass May 23, 2012 at 4:29 am

Awesome post. You should do awesome kids clothes more often!

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