THM Week in Review: Part 1

by samantha on October 29, 2012

I began writing this post this morning and it’s taken me all day to work my way through only a fraction of what I had planned to post. The plan was to put up the week in photos, but by 7pm I’ve only made it through last weekend. So I guess this is a last weekend review. Yea, these are the kinds of delays I’m working with. Under the thumb of Hurricane Sandy, today went from exciting, to boring, to fun, to confused,  to disappointing, then back to whatever status. Not impressed. I guess to be impressed, at the very least, I’d want the power to go out. I find that sort of thing thrilling. I survived the ’89 Earthquake in SF where friends flocked to our house and we talked by candlelight all night long while the adults got loaded on red wine and who knows what else. So being cooped up with no real life altering interferences is just like every other day, with the total drag of not being able to leave the house. So, while Lola is yanking on my arm to let me, let her, do my makeup, yea, here’s what happened last weekend. THM Week in Review Part 1!

Last Saturday we headed to Connecticut for our Annual Family Fall Fest with family besties, the Lindahls! We began the trip by a stop at a local orchard where the apple trees were bare but we still managed to enjoy the pumpkin patch and festivities.

This one is getting blown up 8×10 and going straight to the family hall of fame!

Admiring natures perfect lemon lime fade.

Animal friends we love you.

All this country air is making us wacky. We’re city girls!

Back to the ranch. Fritz was put to work raking leaves….

While the lady folk were busy cooking up a tasty Fall dinner, these little weirdos were our entertainment.

Fritz took a little time for some sketching…

Robots are his current inspiration.

Many artists are troubled.

Jaime takes the girls for a spin…

And Hazel’s just hanging in there.

With family dawg will travel…even though he gets insanely carsick!

Stay tuned for the rest of the weeks shenanigans!

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