Index of New Revelations

by samantha on November 12, 2012

I have to say, that over the last month or so, my life—our lives—have changed drastically. And there is a lot to say about the whole transformation. Really. There have been many contributing factors, from cold, hard copy, to spiritual awakenings. And at the moment all I can do is organize my thoughts and make an index of future posts to elaborate on the subjects. Time is scared. Divided delicately between my loved ones, myself, and the smattering of projects I keep. Can you relate?? Parenting: our style is not just a juggling act, it’s a fucking three ring circus, that for all intents and purposes will be a smashing success. So here it goes…an index of what’s to come…

1) FINALLY finding the handbook I’d been looking for: The Everything Guide To Positive Discipline

2) Experiencing total control. *In a comfortable way for all parties involved.

2) Date night…is not an urban legend.

3) With proper discipline techniques (see The Everything Guide to Positive Discipline) comes harmony.

4) It’s all worth it! Feeling rewarded for my work as a SAHM.

5) Priorities. You either got um or you don’t.

6) How many projects can you handle?

7) Crazy Educultural Mash-Up! Underground-after-school-homeschooling. An idea.

8) Discovering Transient Tic Disorder.

9) I want a new blog….Williamburgtopia: Parenting in Williamsburg Brooklyn. Dying to start this project!Looking for Web designer.


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