She Did It!

by samantha on November 27, 2012

So much has happened these last few weeks I could probably write a book about it all. Thanksgiving alone could’ve been an inde black comedy. It’s not just time that’s preventing me from updating this site—though it’s a huge factor—it’s something else, like a vibe. There is something about the design and commenting that’s turning me off. I guess I’m pretty controlling and need everything a certain way to be satisfied. Have you ever felt this way?

Besides Thanksgiving, Lola’s first haircut, and losing my new found “control” over my parenting situation, Lola had another major milestone. This past weekend her dad took her down to the pier and together they got rid of Lola’s last paci. It was monumental. Mostly it was a nighttime thing. So far she’s been waking up a few times crying, begging and pleading for the paci. Desperately I’ve been telling her everything from “Santa’s watching” to “I’m going to the store to get one and I’ll be right back.” It’s been a little annoying but nothing I can’t handle.

Until next time….

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