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by samantha on January 19, 2013

I’m almost positive the hipster mom chapter in my life is over. I’m tired of the open ended mommy blog. I’ve decided to pack up the proverbial keyboard and set sail in the heavily crowded waters of the world wide web . The blogosphere is so jam packed isn’t it? It’s like a single voice trying to be heard singing Enter Sandman at a Metallica concert. Oh, wait, land ho! I’ve arrived at a little blog called Williamsburgtopia. I’ve decided to hone my subject matter and discuss all there is to discuss about being a parent in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. It’s fun, it’s new, it’s inspiring, and there’s endless fodder about my relation to the neighborhood—plus: news, reviews, events, and so on. I expect that it will be a good service to the people who live around here, but also a snapshot of life in Willliamsburg. So, I bid you adieu, again. See you around the blogosphere, try not to step on my toes.

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