More Dirty Laundry: Would She Really Kick Me In The Stomach While Pregnant??

by samantha on May 26, 2009


According to Claw’s husband, my ex, she would. Let me get this right, now I’m being threatened with violence…to my unborn child no less??? Nice. Perhaps a conversation they had over dinner? The story goes like this: The comment (left on last weeks article) was brought to my attention earlier today via email from a disgusted friend. The comment was in response to a tweet I wrote last week addressing her article opinions about me and my business. I felt the piece was mean spirited, negative and personal due to the fact that I did indeed go out with her husband for 3 years, a last jab if you will. Then the same day an article was written by Jezebel seemingly in my favor. So we have 2 articles, one negative by the girl who’s husband I had a long term relationship with and one by a credible news source. My tweet read like this “Judging by article, can you guess who’s husband I used to sleep with @Jezebel or @Blogue???” That’s a fact, it is what it is…and that’s what was on my mind after reading the shitty hateful article she wrote about me. Then we get a comment on the Blogue article, from the husband in question, that says (among other hateful things) “And watch how you come out the side of your face with Claw, you know she don’t wanna kick a bitch in the stomach on her first trimester – but believe me, she will.”

Wow! She spoke her mind about me and then I make a statement about why I thought the article was written and I get this piece of sh*t telling people I better be careful because she will kick me in the stomach?…with I’m assuming the intention of killing my unborn baby. The blog wars rage on I guess. I really don’t want to give either one of these people any attention but it’s so disgusting, trashy and ridiculous I had to write about it. Anyway, what grown man says this kinda shit???

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ex-intern June 8, 2009 at 1:35 am

well sam i have to say this crazy shit has been entertaining me so as i finish off school forever but it is ridiculous. if claw was in the uk i would have knocked her out right now. that ol’ lady needs to hush her mouth and ive tried to see what her man looks like and can’t find a picture but im going to throw it out there that he’s gross anyway (or has turned gross since you were done with him) that is my very mature stand on the point. au revoir. x

Ali July 21, 2009 at 10:48 pm

Claw is ugly, old and jealous – simple as.

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