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by samantha on January 19, 2013

I’m almost positive the hipster mom chapter in my life is over. I’m tired of the open ended mommy blog. I’ve decided to pack up the proverbial keyboard and set sail in the heavily crowded waters of the world wide web . The blogosphere is so jam packed isn’t it? It’s like a single voice trying to be heard singing Enter Sandman at a Metallica concert. Oh, wait, land ho! I’ve arrived at a little blog called Williamsburgtopia. I’ve decided to hone my subject matter and discuss all there is to discuss about being a parent in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. It’s fun, it’s new, it’s inspiring, and there’s endless fodder about my relation to the neighborhood—plus: news, reviews, events, and so on. I expect that it will be a good service to the people who live around here, but also a snapshot of life in Willliamsburg. So, I bid you adieu, again. See you around the blogosphere, try not to step on my toes.

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She Did It!

by samantha on November 27, 2012

So much has happened these last few weeks I could probably write a book about it all. Thanksgiving alone could’ve been an inde black comedy. It’s not just time that’s preventing me from updating this site—though it’s a huge factor—it’s something else, like a vibe. There is something about the design and commenting that’s turning me off. I guess I’m pretty controlling and need everything a certain way to be satisfied. Have you ever felt this way?

Besides Thanksgiving, Lola’s first haircut, and losing my new found “control” over my parenting situation, Lola had another major milestone. This past weekend her dad took her down to the pier and together they got rid of Lola’s last paci. It was monumental. Mostly it was a nighttime thing. So far she’s been waking up a few times crying, begging and pleading for the paci. Desperately I’ve been telling her everything from “Santa’s watching” to “I’m going to the store to get one and I’ll be right back.” It’s been a little annoying but nothing I can’t handle.

Until next time….

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Index of New Revelations

by samantha on November 12, 2012

I have to say, that over the last month or so, my life—our lives—have changed drastically. And there is a lot to say about the whole transformation. Really. There have been many contributing factors, from cold, hard copy, to spiritual awakenings. And at the moment all I can do is organize my thoughts and make an index of future posts to elaborate on the subjects. Time is scared. Divided delicately between my loved ones, myself, and the smattering of projects I keep. Can you relate?? Parenting: our style is not just a juggling act, it’s a fucking three ring circus, that for all intents and purposes will be a smashing success. So here it goes…an index of what’s to come…

1) FINALLY finding the handbook I’d been looking for: The Everything Guide To Positive Discipline

2) Experiencing total control. *In a comfortable way for all parties involved.

2) Date night…is not an urban legend.

3) With proper discipline techniques (see The Everything Guide to Positive Discipline) comes harmony.

4) It’s all worth it! Feeling rewarded for my work as a SAHM.

5) Priorities. You either got um or you don’t.

6) How many projects can you handle?

7) Crazy Educultural Mash-Up! Underground-after-school-homeschooling. An idea.

8) Discovering Transient Tic Disorder.

9) I want a new blog….Williamburgtopia: Parenting in Williamsburg Brooklyn. Dying to start this project!Looking for Web designer.


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Halloween 2012!!

by samantha on November 1, 2012

Despite Hurricane Sandy, a storm that has paralyzed the MTA and the NYC school system, Williamsburg Brooklyn was in high spirits celebrating Halloween yesterday. I headed out with the kids to meet the rest of the neighborhood at an annual parade that takes the children around to local shops for trick-or-treating. When we arrived at the “parade” it was a chaotic scene with bumper to bumper strollers, crying babies and the lingering fear of losing a child. We met up with friends and veered off to do some trick-or-treating away from the crowds. Our posse grew and we winded our way through the streets back to our neck of the woods. We trick-or-treated our asses off. When all the plastic pumpkins we’re filled we headed back to our place for a pizza and candy party. It was a blast! And when the kids crashed I snuck out to meet some of the other moms for some more Halloween party action. It was all a pleasant surprise in the wake of the Hurricane, and was probably the best Halloween on record!

Lola and Hazel Best Friends Forever.


A kindred spirit…

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THM Week in Review: Part 1

by samantha on October 29, 2012

I began writing this post this morning and it’s taken me all day to work my way through only a fraction of what I had planned to post. The plan was to put up the week in photos, but by 7pm I’ve only made it through last weekend. So I guess this is a last weekend review. Yea, these are the kinds of delays I’m working with. Under the thumb of Hurricane Sandy, today went from exciting, to boring, to fun, to confused,  to disappointing, then back to whatever status. Not impressed. I guess to be impressed, at the very least, I’d want the power to go out. I find that sort of thing thrilling. I survived the ’89 Earthquake in SF where friends flocked to our house and we talked by candlelight all night long while the adults got loaded on red wine and who knows what else. So being cooped up with no real life altering interferences is just like every other day, with the total drag of not being able to leave the house. So, while Lola is yanking on my arm to let me, let her, do my makeup, yea, here’s what happened last weekend. THM Week in Review Part 1!

Last Saturday we headed to Connecticut for our Annual Family Fall Fest with family besties, the Lindahls! We began the trip by a stop at a local orchard where the apple trees were bare but we still managed to enjoy the pumpkin patch and festivities.

This one is getting blown up 8×10 and going straight to the family hall of fame!

Admiring natures perfect lemon lime fade.

Animal friends we love you.

All this country air is making us wacky. We’re city girls!

Back to the ranch. Fritz was put to work raking leaves….

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